How to Delete Browser Default Settings with CSS


Almost all browsers have their own default settings for margins, paddings and other elements. And sometimes you may want to override or delete the default settings so your margin or padding is displayed as you need it. When you see your code output, you may be surprised why the margin is there, even though you never specified one. If that’s the case, chances are it’s the browser’s default margin. This tutorial teaches you how to remove default browser settings.

Steps to delete browser default settings with CSS

1. First of all, create an html file. You may use any IDE like notepad or notepad ++ or Adobe Dreamweaver to create an html file. In this tutorial, we are using plain notepad that is available on any Windows PC. Open notepad any type following code:

<title>CSS tutorial – 8</title>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/style.css” />
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Top 10 Web Design Tips



A great website will help your business look professional and your readers will easily find what they need. It is very

important to design from the user’s perspective in order to create a successful website. Here is a list with 10 things

which I think are most important to keep in mind when designing a website.

1. Simple is better!

The most important rule of web design is to create a website that will tell the visitor exactly what it is about in less

than 5 seconds. Not too much information, less ads and organized content will make your website not only SEO

friendly but also will attract lots of readers. A website must be easy to use. Simplicity is key. Continue reading

How to Defer JS after HTML


Deferring of javascript is one of those issues on the web that can make you want to pull your hair out trying to find a solution.

Many people say “just use defer” or “just use async” or others say “just put your javascript at bottom of page”.

None of the above are solutions to the problem of actually allowing a webpage to fully load and then (and only then) loading external JS. Nor will any of the above always get you past that “Defer loading of javascript” warning you are getting from the Google page speed tool. This solution will and is the recommended solution from the Google help pages.

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Creative Email Marketing Templates


Email marketing templates are very good because they help you to communicate with your existing and prospective customers, making them to know about your plans for meeting their needs. Communicating this way is good because you are able to constantly maintain contact with them, building relationships which could help you to sell more to them.

Why You Need HTML Email Templates? There are many benefits of using an email newsletter template for your business. If you have not yet been doing that, these are some of the good things you are leaving on the table:

  1. Your messages look professional
  2. No HTML knowledge is needed to create the desired design
  3. Many features that you might not have thought of in business email templates are included
  4. The templates have attractive designs which make your email difficult to ignore

Some Examples of the Best Email Templates. If you want to sell your product or service through the internet, you should use a marketing email template which has all the features and designs you need. The ones briefly explained below are some of the email templates that you could consider. Continue reading

Free GUI Sets for UI/UX Designers


20 Best Free GUI Sets to Use in Your Projects

20 Best Free GUI Sets to Use in Your Projects
Photoshop GUI kits contain many graphics that are very useful to designers. In these GUI sets you’ll find graphic components such as buttons, inputs, button groups, selects, checkboxes and radio-buttons, tags, menus, progress bars and sliders, navigation elements and more. Here you’ll find free PSD GUI sets for web apps, websites, dashboards and even mobile!

Don’t waste time on creating these yourself, when these free PSD GUI sets are available. We’ve searched for the top best free GUI kits you can add to your graphic design library. Which ones will you download?

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